Round Meadow Outdoor Movie Night

Round Meadow Outdoor Movie Night – Friday, September 15th

Come and watch Disney’s Moana with your family and friends. This event is FREE for the entire family and has been a long-standing tradition at Round Meadow.  American Softee, Apollo Espresso and Shave Ice, and Spyros Greek Truck will be selling food and beverages at the event.

Food is available to order ahead of time and includes:

Garden salad and Caesar salad from Salad Farm

Cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza from Lovebug Pizza

Grilled cheese sandwiches, hotdogs and fries from Spyros Greek Truck

The above will also be available at Movie Night, but go to Pay4SchoolStuff and order your dinner ahead of time to skip the long lines. Student dedications can be ordered there as well. See flyer below for more details!

We appreciate all of our wonderful vendors and donors who are giving generously to Round Meadow’s 2017  Movie Night! Thank you!


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