Reporting Your Child’s Absence

New LVUSD Policy on attendance reporting. 

It is now board policy that all student absences need to be verified within 72 hours (3 school days).  Absences that are not reported within this timeline will remain unexcused.  Principal Welsh is offering a ‘get-up-to-speed’ leniency on this policy through Sept 30th, 2019.  Up to this point, parents will still be allowed to verify absences that have exceeded the 72 hours.  Thereafter,  the policy will be implemented fully. 

Click the above link and fill out the requested information to report absences.  Calls to the office regarding absences will be re-directed to the email.

If the above link isn’t working for you, you can email the information to Please include the following information:

Your Name
Child’s Name
Child’s Teacher
Reason for Absence
When child will return to school
Telephone Number where you may be reached with any questions.