The Yearbook Committee Wants Your Photos!         

It takes a village to create our Round Meadow Yearbook. We need your help throughout the year to upload your best photos – group shots in a variety of settings are preferred.

The best way to submit photos for consideration for the yearbook is Pictavo Community.

Here’s How:

  • When you see Round Meadow listed, click “Continue.” Enter your information on the next page to create an account. 
  • Once you’ve created your account, you can check out the instructions here to upload photos:
  • When uploading, please select the best category for the shots you’ve got. If one doesn’t exist, please place in “Other.” Here’s what the page looks like so far…

You can also send photos via email to: We do look for shots on the RM PFA Facebook page, but they can oftentimes be too low-res for us to use. To ensure we get them, please post to Pictavo or email.

Thanks so much! We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Adriana Leiss and Klaudia Moran, Yearbook Committee

P.S. We still have some 2018-19 Yearbooks left. If you’d like to purchase one, please email us at