RME Drop Off and Pick Up

*UPDATED 8/25/19*

Hello Round Meadow Parents! 

Based on parent feedback, observations of the first few days of school, and additional staffing, we have slightly modified our pickup procedures. We will now be splitting up 4th and 5th grade pickup locations. 

PICK UP procedures:

Kinder and TK Students are picked up at the MAIN OFFICE (North) LOOP

1st, 2nd, 4th and Hidden Hills walking residents are picked up at the MAIN OFFICE (North) LOOP

3rd & 5th are picked up at the NEW FIELD (South) LOOP

**Siblings travel with the oldest in their group. 

Dismissal Times 

(M, T, Th, F)

TK/K students — 12:55pm

1-3 students — 2:07pm

4-5 students — 2:35pm 


TK/K — 11:30

Grades 1-5 early — 12:10pm

Grades 1-5 lunch — 12:55pm


– Teachers will continue to remind their students of pick up procedures, and walk them out for dismissal at the end of the day. We appreciate your patience – we’re all in this together!  

– Parking on the field will NOT be available at pickup. This is to ensure the safety of students still on campus playing, participating in PE, etc. 

– Pick up times are staggered for a reason. Please arrive at your appropriate pickup time. Arriving early only causes congestion and traffic for younger grades

DROP OFF (stays the same!) 

– We encourage you to drop off students for school, and/or carpool as best you can in the mornings… as you saw last week, we do not have the space to accommodate all cars.

– Please do your best to arrive early for drop off. Campus is open starting at 7:30 am. As you saw last week, traffic was at it’s height between 7:45-8:15. 

– The field will only be open for parking on special occasion. Starting this week, it will serve as a drop off loop only

If you have any further questions, or still aren’t sure, please check out the handouts below and/or email kwelsh@lvusd.org.  

Kirby Welsh – Principal